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Customer reaches us via our website, whatsapp or social media platforms to report the case

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Call us or fill a form here. We arrange a pickup point where our pick-up guy comes to pick-up the gadget for fixing.

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On pickup, our delivery guy will provide you receipt of device collection.

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After fixing , we deliver safely to your preferred location thereby restoring happiness to you our customer

Awesome gadget dudes!
Contact them if you got any issues with your gadgets !!! I got my ipod touch fixed

Abayomi Louis

Lecturer, FUTA
At Planet NEST, we acquire all our gadget from TABDigitals. They also handle our repairs. The experience is amazing

Kitan David

CEO, Planet Nest
I gave them my gadgets on the 18th and on the 21st, my phone and my PC were both fixed. Not only was my PC fixed excellently well, it came back with the latest operating system and antivirus protection .

Wunmi Fashanu


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what is TABDigitals ?
TABDIgitals is an online platform for gadget repairs and sales. We are your next to reach guys for gadget needs, making professional repairs services and quality gadget easily accessible.

What will be the duration of my repair(s)?
This will depend on the repair option you opt for

1.Same day repairs: The gadget should be brought in before 12:00noon . After following proper procedure , the gadget is fixed and delivered safely the same day.However the option attracts higher cost of repair .

2.Normal repairs: Repair is completed within 5 working days .However, We do our best to complete the jobs within 3 working days . This option attracts normal cost for repairs

How do I make payment?
If it is a replacement case we would require you to make an upfront payment of at least 70% of the total repair cost . This can be paid upon pick up or through bank transfer .

For other cases , you can pay cash upon pick-up or through online bank transfer .

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We are an online platform for gadget repairs and sales. We are your next to reach guys for gadget needs, making professional repair services and quality gadgets easily accessible.

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